Take Me Home, Country Roads

October 12, 1997 John Denver is killed in a small plane crash.

day 189

So unbelievable that all these rock and roll guys got into small planes….  🙁

Take Me Home, Country Roads is such a crowd pleaser at parties. Everyone knows this chorus and sings it out LOUD.  My friend, guitarist and singer James Gedeon, does this song best.  Aside from his great talent he’s also so personable when he sings.  You can’t help but love him.

I might have mentioned this before but people listen with their eyes.  I truly believe that most people look at a singer and think I like him or her before they even sing a note.

Anyway, I’m off to the Jersey Shore with the Stingers to do a gig in Point Pleasant.  Come join us at Idle Hour if you’re local.  We’ll be there til midnight!

I’ll be listening to the Yankees in the car. Sure hope they win and I just went outside and its freakin freezing. I don’t think I’ve tried the heat in the car yet.  Here’s hopin’ it works!

Here’s Take Me Home, Country Roads, my favorite John Denver song.  If I get another chance to cover a John Denver song this year in the blog, I’ll do Annie’s Song.  Love that one, too.  (even though I read on wikipedia (everybody’s favorite source) when he divorced his wife who he wrote the song for, he took a chain saw to the marital bed.  Actually, that makes me like the song even more 😀 )


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