Take It To The Limit

November 6, 1948 Happy Birthday Glenn Frey (Eagles)!

day 213

I met Glenn Frey in the 80’s at Sweetwaters. He just came in to have dinner with his driver and when he realized there was going to be music that night, he stayed, and after the show I sat and we talked and I remember him saying that he just wrote and played music, and was too lazy of a guy to ever really practice music – he just knew what he knew and was happy to be in the game! I always think of that when I stress myself about practicing and getting better as a pianist.  So, Happy Birthday dude and thanks for that.  

Well, I’ve always loved all the Eagles’ songs but this one rings out with me.  It turns out Glen Frey didn’t sing this one but he did write it with Randy Meisner and Don Henley.

It’s election night and the Stingers are going to play down at the red lion on bleecker street, soI guess the TV’s will be on and we will see what happens!

And here we go with another storm tomorrow.

Hang on Tri Staters.

Take it to the limit


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