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September 27, 2000 U2 played a show from the rooftop of The Clarence Hotel in Dublin. Over 4,000 fans gathered on the streets below. (via thisdayinmusic.com)

day 174

There’s video of U2 doing this rooftop show, and it always stuck in my mind, not only because I thought how cool it was but because I’m a little afraid of heights. I kept thinking, “I hope Bono don’t fall!”

I never really liked going on those rides with the kids going way up in the sky.  I didn’t like the kids going on those rides also because the bar that keeps you in is so damn tight. But when you’re a dad you have to pretend that you’re the Man and nothing bothers you. Now my kids know that their dad is a scaredy cat. Oh well!

It turns out I have to perform this song Saturday as a duet with Carla Scott.  There is a version of this with Bono and Mary J Blige. It’s pretty great!

So glad to have had to do it today.  Carla wasn’t available this afternoon, but I’m going to bring her in for another duet soon!