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Give Me One Reason

March 30, 1964 Happy Birthday Tracy Chapman!

day 357

We spent a couple of hours at the Bronx Zoo today and saw snow leopards, red pandas, baboons, birds, a crane, tigers, peacocks and some awesome brown bears wrestling and a polar bear playing with his red ball in the water.  Good exercise, too, walking those trails and climbing stairs and a loooooong ramp up to the bird house.

When I got home I had to nap.  Thats what a wild afternoon will do to me!

I couldn’t decide for today’s song whether to play guitar or piano and Dylan said, “play both,” so I did.  I’m a regular one man band.  Happy Birthday Tracy Chapman.   i have to mention that today is Eric Clapton’s bithday too!

Here’s the song, Give Me One Reason, and now I’m going back to working on Willie & the Swagga vocals.  At some point I will get them right.  Soon I think.