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Mr. Tambourine Man

June 26,1965 The Byrds’ Mr. Tambourine Man hits #1.


Last night I hosted the Songwriters Guild of America’s Songwriters Circle at the Red Lion on Bleecker Street. We do it the last Monday of every month. I’ve been hosting this gig for many years and have seen some great songwriters come through. Some sing funny songs, others sing heartbreak songs and sometimes, happy or sad, we’re singing crappy songs, but hey this is the Village and where else can we try out our new material.  

Two doors down from the Red Lion is the Bitter End where Bob Dylan sang all his tunes (he wrote today’s song, Mr. Tambourine Man) and the Red Lion is where my buddy Gavin Degraw got signed to his record deal.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 27th, I’m at the Red Lion doing my own singer/songwriter night. Love to try out all new stuff on a good drunk audience there.  It’s a great Irish bar.  I always use that old line, “The more you drink the better we sound.” Claudia hates that line but it’s one of those lines I always say.

Mr. Tambourine Man to me is an ode to singer/songwriters.  We tell our stories – sometimes to a big crowd and sometimes to just a few.  I like it better when the place is packed so come on down to the Red Lion tomorrow.

I love The Byrds for their harmony singing, which is what gets me excited.  Musically, that is.