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I Made it Through the Rain

June 17, 1946 Happy Birthday Barry Manilow!

father's day

I Made it Through the Rain is probably my favorite Barry Manilow tune because I played it with the great Peggi Blu with an arrangement written by Ted Perlman who is an unbelievable guitarist, arranger and producer.

When Peggi got to the modulation she just blew me away. I get chills when I think of her singing. It’s one of my great musical memories playing for her and Ted.  We played so many shows together in the 80’s (did you notice my 80’s t-shirt? ) in Sweetwaters.  I met them when Peggi came in with Whitney. They’re in L.A. and I wish they lived back here in NY!

Barry Manilow is not only a great songwriter, he is also a great pianist, producer, arranger, performer and singer.

The Complete Musician!  Happy Birthday!