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A Foggy Day

March 27, 1924 Happy Birthday Sarah Vaughan!

Married and Counting

I was really glad to find a song I already knew for Sarah Vaughan’s birthday though it wasn’t hard because she has recorded so many tunes!  Hey I even knew the lyrics for A Foggy Day and didnt need a cheat sheet!

I spent most of today recording Willie & the Swagga vocals.  I’m getting very close to being done with this album!!!!  And I’ve been writing up a storm and can’t wait to share the new stuff also.

Speaking of sharing, we recently wrote a song for the wonderful film Married and Counting which is having a run at the Quad starting April 26 in NYC.  Actually, check out their website because it’s in other cities too if you’re not local.  So Claudia and I wrote a song called Hubba Hubba for the film and justjohn produced it and Jennifer Houston sang it and FINALLY we got it up on cdbaby – it will be on itunes shortly maybe even by now it is.  So check out the film.  We’ll be going on April 26 – the director and the stars will be on hand and this is one that you do not want to miss.  It’s narrated by George Takei.  you know you love him, too!

Here’s the link to Hubba Hubba.  Go on and buy a copy.  It’s only 99 cents.  Jen’s great!

And happy birthday ms. SV.  Here’s A Foggy Day for you!  And, today is also my mommy’s birthday.  She is 90 and having a big party in Berkeley, CA right now and another party this weekend in Vegas and I will see her in a couple of weeks for her big party here in New York, thanks to the planning and organization of my cousins who are the best in the world!