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Puff the Magic Dragon

May 31, 1938 Happy Birthday Peter Yarrow! (Peter, Paul & Mary)

Casey, me, Heather

I love music (no, really!) and especially in the car.  I always go to the car to check out how a song sounds. There’s driving to the beach, window down music.  There’s driving in the country, air conditioning blasting music. There’s sitting in the parked car, rain pouring down music.  There was driving the kids to school Z100 music, watching my boys bopping their heads and singing all the 90’s boy band songs in the rearview mirror music

I remember Casey and Dylan and my niece Heather and my nephew Chris in the back seats of my big van (the kids and their friends called it the SKIPMOBILE).  They were all real young and we would sing the kid songs – Row Row Row Your Boat and the ABC‘s song and Twinkle Twinkle (those last two are the same song – go figure!) and we would sing Puff the Magic Dragon.  Such happy memories even though the lyrics to Puff are so sad. The boy never comes back (did he grow up or die?) and the dragon sadly slips into his cave – he probably died, too.

Well,  I’m thrilled to have my beautiful niece Heather (all grown up) over the house today to sing Puff the Magic Dragon in honor of Peter Yarrow’s birthday.  Heather gave me a haircut. Then we ate watermelon. Then we had ices and then we had popcorn.

Some things never change.