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Mean to Me

October 7, 1950: CBS debuts The Frank Sinatra Show, a variety program!  (via about.com)

john malino

I had fun going out tonight with Claudia, Dylan and my niece Heather.  We went to a little jazz club, The Turning Point, in Piermont NY for my buddy John Malino‘s CD release party and performance.  I had played a song on the record so I played that song tonight with the band, sitting in on Mean to Me, a good old standard that Frank Sinatra sang and recorded. I also like Ella Fitzgerald’s version.

So tonight my video was live, sitting in with the John Malino Band. Lots of fun!

I was a little worried I would miss the playoff game between the Yankees and the Orioles but it was rain delayed so got home just in time for first pitch. GO YANKEES!

Tomorrow we will record Elle Winter and Sam Tsui doing a mashup for a new YouTube video!  So keep a lookout for that.

Here’s Mean to Me!

Hey Good Lookin’

September 17, 1923 Happy Birthday Hank Williams!

the gang's all here

Today is also my good buddy John Malino‘s birthday, so we had a lovely brunch at  Alain’s French Bistro in Nyack, then went back to John & Robin’s house for some German chocolate cake and some jamming.

It was us old guys sitting around playing and singing. Erik Blicker on guitar, Charlie Caldarola on drums (he baked the cake), myself on John’s beautiful piano, and John singing and playing guitar.  It seems like yesterday, but the 4 of us were doing this 30 years ago. Now we sit around and talk about our kids and THEIR musical abilities which are pretty impressive all around. And who better to sing Hey Good Lookin‘ or any Hank Williams tune than John Malino!

Back in the city now!

The main difference between living in the city or the country is the house has a driveway. I pull up to the house and I’m in the same spot every day.

I hate parking in the city although I’m very good at it. I can always find a spot. So when you come visit me in the city, just ring my bell and I’ll park your car for you!

Here’s Hey Good Lookin’ in honor of Hank Williams’ birthday!



Open Up the Doghouse

June 7, 1917 Happy Birthday Dean Martin!

rat pack

This was fun to do in my backyard with my buddy John Malino.

John just finished his new album Live at Feinstein’s. I’ll post some of his songs when it’s released – I’m playing on one track. It really came out great. You never know when you’re playing live shows. The nights you think you really played great, suck- and the nights you think sucked turn out to be pretty damn good. Go figure.

We had to do this song in the backyard today because Joe Reina was tuning my piano in the house. He spent hours tuning cause I always wait too long and it needed to be done twice.  Thank you Joe for doing a great job, and thank you all the people who have to listen to me sing and play in the backyard. Actually, after John and I finished this song we heard some applause from neighboring yards. It’s good to know we have a following.

Now, after 28 years of marriage there are countless times where I have been in the doghouse. But there’s no need to go there. No need to remind Claudia of any of that.  LOL

Anyway, it was fun singing with John, my Rat Pack.

Mack the Knife

May 14, 1987 Happy Birthday Casey Breves 


May 14, 1987 is one of the two most important days in my history!

Claudia was ordered to bed rest for the last two months of her pregnancy. Meanwhile I was doing eight shows a week of Beehive. So the whole cast of Beehive was involved this birth. I was in the room when Casey was born and I took pictures of everything, and I mean everything. It was a good thing I was behind the camera because if I was any closer I would have fainted!

We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, but we were naming him or her Casey either way.  All the grandparents were in the waiting room. All of our friends were on the way. Poor Claudia just went through this whole long ordeal and in the true Brevis tradition I threw a party at the hospital. I was strutting around holding Casey showing him off and they took Claudia in another room to rest, and she still says I forgot about her. Oops.  

By the next day I managed to get a little rest.  Claudia’s hospital bed sure was comfy for a little father/son nap. 

Anyway, our firstborn is 25 years old today.  He’s a magnificent man who can sing like an angel and has a heart of gold.  He shares a birthday with Bobby Darin, so John Malino (Casey’s godfather) and I celebrated by doing Mack the Knife.