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A Hundred and Ten in the Shade

February 26, 2002 : John Fogerty performs at the multi-venue Los Angeles charity benefit Four Concerts for Artists’ Rights. (via songfacts.com)


I had headphones on just about all day working on a hundred and ten different projects and came up for air only to play John Fogerty’s One Hundred and Ten in the Shade. He’s one of my favorites so I didn’t mind the break and I did get to play a little guitar, but mostly today I was busy busy and working my brain.

Claudia put food in front of me and I ate it and if she needed to tell me or ask me anything she had to wave her arms and dance around in front of me to get my attention and then repeat everything a couple of times.  She’s used to it.  She’s a very good dancer.

I like being busy, and then I like being done so I can relax with the family!

more tomorrow.