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Fire and Rain

March 12, 1948 Happy Birthday James Taylor!

all for a good cause

I was out tonight at the Red Lion watching my son get his head shaved at the St. Baldricks foundation fundraiser – lots of guys goin home bald tonight but they raised some good money and it was a great family night.

Elle Winter entertained the troops and a good time was had by all!

Since we got home so late this video is probably not going to be done uploading for a while, so if you get here and its still uploading, do come back!

Happy Birthday James Taylor!

Here’s Fire and Rain (whenever it finishes loading!)


You’ve Got a Friend

July 31, 1971 James Taylor’s You’ve Got A Friend hits #1!

recorded last week

James Taylor! Talk about a “voice like butter!” His is probably the most honest, simple and beautiful voice in pop music. My two favorite JT songs are You’ve Got a Friend and Shower the People. My two favorite singers who cover JT songs are Javier Colon who sings the hell out of his stuff and another buddy of mine James Gedeon.  If you close your eyes when he’s singing you would think it’s JT. Go find James Gedeon on youtube!

Well today was crazy! I was watching all this great young talent and thinking to myself that these kids are going to be the next Britney and Christina and Justin Timberlake who all came out of the Disney camp. And I’m watching their parents beaming. There is nothing like watching your kid perform and loving what they are doing and I realize how lucky Claudia and I are with our two sons. Speaking of the boys, Casey came down from San Fran to visit us. We just got back from dinner and Claudia got to spend the whole day with him so you know mommy had a good day.

I would have liked to have Casey to sing on this song today, but I recorded these next few songs last week in NY.  No piano in this hotel.  You would think there’d be one little piano in some corner but no.  Although they got a nice pool and cabana thing going on.

I love the message in this tune. Very uplifting.  As I get older I prefer songs that make you feel good, and You’ve Got A Friend makes me feel good!