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I Saw The Light

January 26, 1947 Hank Williams, Sr. writes I Saw the Light!

day 294

Yesterday ‘s song, Jesus Take The Wheel was a contemporary pop God song and today’s song, I Saw The Light, is an old country God song.

Is someone trying to get me to pay attention?

Well it’s working. Claudia and I are going to the Brooklyn Tabernacle tomorrow.  I have a friend in the choir and the service there is so good! And the choir is too!  You have to get there really early for a good seat and since the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir played at Obama’s Inauguration, I’m sure it will be even more packed than usual!

I love Hank Williams songs and old country songs that tell you the whole story in just a few lines, have a melody you can sing back after one hearing and that can be harmonized from beginning to end. Simple and Perfect!

Your Cheatin’ Heart

September 18, 2004 Hank Williams’ Your Cheatin’ Heart takes top honors in the CMT special “40 Greatest Done Me Wrong Songs (via cmt.com)

day 165

I’m not sure if i got enough twang in my voice to do justice to a Hank Williams song. That’s why I had John Malino sing yesterday.  He’s got that twang thang in his voice.  Hank Williams two days in a row!  Well, he and his songs  are the model for so many country singers and country songs so he deserves two in a row!

We are having a freaking tornado over here on the upper east side.  We have these old chinese box turtles in our backyard — not running around or anything — they are in a nice turtle habitat built specially for them, and they summer outside and winter in our bedroom. Not running around inside but in a lovely turtle tank that smells a little.

The only reason I mention this is what with the freakin tornado and stuff I guess their summer vacation is gonna be cut short, and they will be pissed. Especially Jessie who doesn’t play well with others and has a very bad attitude.

He would probably be  a good country singer filled with angst. How about that – a cartoon with a turtle that’s a country singer. Jessie the box turtle would have twang in his voice if he sang!

Your Cheatin’ Heart!

More tomorrow.





Hey Good Lookin’

September 17, 1923 Happy Birthday Hank Williams!

the gang's all here

Today is also my good buddy John Malino‘s birthday, so we had a lovely brunch at  Alain’s French Bistro in Nyack, then went back to John & Robin’s house for some German chocolate cake and some jamming.

It was us old guys sitting around playing and singing. Erik Blicker on guitar, Charlie Caldarola on drums (he baked the cake), myself on John’s beautiful piano, and John singing and playing guitar.  It seems like yesterday, but the 4 of us were doing this 30 years ago. Now we sit around and talk about our kids and THEIR musical abilities which are pretty impressive all around. And who better to sing Hey Good Lookin‘ or any Hank Williams tune than John Malino!

Back in the city now!

The main difference between living in the city or the country is the house has a driveway. I pull up to the house and I’m in the same spot every day.

I hate parking in the city although I’m very good at it. I can always find a spot. So when you come visit me in the city, just ring my bell and I’ll park your car for you!

Here’s Hey Good Lookin’ in honor of Hank Williams’ birthday!