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White Rabbit

October 30, 1939 Happy Birthday Grace Slick!

white dog

I went to my first Jefferson Airplane concert when I was 15. I wasn’t really into the psychedelic music but all my close friends were. I loved Hot Tuna (the band) because they played electric blues, and those guys were the rhythm section of Jefferson Airplane so basically I went to see them.

I can’t remember where the concert was but it was in the afternoon outside somewhere and it was pouring. So the band was delayed and they sent some naked woman out on stage who was clearly on LSD –  her name was Sunshine, which was the name of LSD at the time. Then Grace Slick came out and took her top off and told everyone in the audience to get naked for a raindance to stop the rain (it didn’t!) but it made for an interesting concert.

No, I did not get naked in the rain. I don’t like camping. I would rather a seat when I go to a concert and I would rather everyone be clothed. There was a hairy naked dude standing next to us the whole concert (it wasn’t pretty) and that’s all I remember of the concert!

Anyway, I do like White Rabbit now. It’s got a spanish flavor in the chords that I like.

Update on the hurricane. It’s gone but left a hell of a mess.

My in-laws are without power and the subways are gonna be out for a while.

My niece Heather is staying with us, and brought a dog that she’s dogsitting and the little thing is running around my house like a maniac, so since I didnt have a white rabbit to put in my picture today I got a white dog!

All cool.  Happy Birthday GS.  This one’s for you!