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Blueberry Hill

September 26, 1956 Fats Domino enters the charts with Blueberry Hill

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Another great piano rocker! I love Fats Domino and was glad to have the chance to play Blueberry Hill.  There are hundreds of guitar rocker dudes but only a handful of great piano dudes. This is the style of piano playing that attracted me to piano, although when my mom sent me to piano lessons at age 6 with Mrs. Stumpf I was taught some tiresome crap that made me want to run away. But my mommy made me keep going, and finally I figured out how to play rock piano on my own. Later on I realized that most teachers they have their own thing, and if you are studying with them, learn their thing then move on to the next teacher and learn THEIR thing! It wasn’t until I studied with Norman Gold that I realized how to absorb music information and find my own thing!

When I teach, I give students the tools and let them build whatever they want. Unless of course they say “I wanna play like Fats Domino,” and I say “Hell Yeah!”


I Hear You Knocking

August 1, 1954 Alan Freed presents his first Moondog Jubilee Of Stars Under The Stars revue at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York, featuring Fats Domino, The Clovers, The Orioles, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter. It is the first large racially mixed crowd at a concert of this size. (via about.com)

i'm really in L.A.

My dad Harold (for whom I’m named — yes my real name is Harold. My sister Joan named me Skip when I was born and it stuck. Both names are a little wonky but hey you get what you get) — anyway, my dad Harold Sr. was an usher at Ebbets Field along with my Uncle Chet.

They were BIG Brooklyn Dodgers fans – you know all the Brooklyn Dodgers fans became Met fans because they hated the Yankees.  It was fun growing up with me being a huge Yankee fan and my dad being a Met fan. It made for good dinner table arguments but all in fun and teasing. My dad had such a great sense of humor. He could lighten up even the most stressful situations.  I sort of have that skill as does my son Dylan who is probably the funniest dude around.

My dad had a signed baseball from the old Brooklyn Dodgers team. I wonder where that went?

My Dad told stories of meeting Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella and how they were so nice to him.  That meant a lot to him.

I don’t remember my dad mentioning this concert that’s the launching pad for my “Today in Music” blog this afternoon — Moondog Jubilee of Stars Under the Stars —  but I’ll bet he worked it.  Ushering wasn’t Harold Sr’s full time job. He was an insurance man and the ushering was his other gig. It was also his hang with his friends and they kept ushering right up into the Mets at Shea and my Dad ushered until he was about 80 years old.

I threw  a big party for him on his 50 year ushering anniversary at Shea.  We had two sky boxes and invited all the family and friends to party.  If I were home I’d post pics, but we’re still out of town.  When we get back I’ll find some pics of Harold in his heyday!

I LOVE Fats Domino. His piano playing rocks. I toured with some of his musicians in France in my early 30’s.  Got some Fats stories but i can’t remember them. Damn, I’m getting old.

Gotta run.  Working with the fab Elle Winter this week.  Check her out!!

Here’s my dedication to Fats Domino for today in music!  I Hear You Knocking!