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Keep Playin’ That Rock and Roll

December 28, 1946 Happy Birthday Edgar Winter!

day 265

Dylan and my buddy John Malino and I drove out this past September to the Jersey shore to see Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer. Dylan asked me, “Is this an old people’s concert?” and my response was “Yes!”

Edgar Winter is a hell of a musician, playing sax and keyboard and singing 4 octaves! He didn’t do Keep Playing That Rock and Roll  but he played his other hits like Frankenstein and Tobacco Road. Happy birthday, dude!

I got my car door closed today, which if you were reading yesterday’s blog you know the electric door cable of my van snapped. I guess it’s not gonna be electric no more.

In other Poconos news, I went down to our dock and one of our adirondack chairs is frozen in the lake half in and half out and the other adirondack is missing. Maybe it’s at the bottom of the lake. We will see in the spring.

In the meanwhile.  I will keep playing that rock and roll.

ps i pre-recorded a couple videos before driving to PA yesterday.  didn’t want to fight the mountain internet to upload!  here ya go.