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(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

February 9, 1942 Happy Birthday Carole King!

day 308

I’ve played this song for the greatest R&B and gospel singers and it was years before I figured out that Carole King wrote it.  Of course she did.  She’s one of the most freakin talented songwriters ever!

Wanted to go see her and James Taylor together last year but, story of my life, I ended up gigging and yep, I missed it!

Well, Claudia said, “You can’t sing Natural Woman – it’s a girl’s song,” and i said, “Hell if I can’t!” So here it is! No snide comments or emails.

I like singing girls’ songs. There, I said it!

Girls seem to get the great ballads.

Happy birthday Carole.  Hope you’re having a great day.


The Loco-Motion

June 29, 1943 Happy Birthday Little Eva!

If you wonder why I keep doing oldies, it’s because I’m old.

Claudia and I thought I would have backup singers today but no, Casey and all his singing friends slept over last night and when they woke up they ran right out to drive to the Poconos house. They’re having their annual July 4th Yale reunion/party weekend at the house! Fun fun!

Today’s another classic Carole King / Gerry Goffin song. Little Eva (Eva Boyd) was the songwriting duo’s babysitter and recorded The Loco-Motion for them!

Our kids had a great babysitter, Lori. Claudia actually was Lori’s big sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister program when she was in high school and Lori was just seven years old. When Lori grew up, she became our babysitter!

It’s the best having someone you trust watching your kids. Claudia and I were working on both Beehive and the first incarnation of our original rock opera Winner Take Allso we were thankful to have Lori.  As the kids got older and we worked a lot out of the house, we’d just open the back door, invite their friends over and let everyone run amok.  Our house was and is a rubber room where we always have as much creative fun as possible!

Happy Birthday Little Eva!  Let’s all do The Loco-Motion!  (or is it too hot?)

It’s Too Late

June 19, 1971 Carole King’s It’s Too Late hits #1.


Carole King’s album Tapestry is brilliant. It’s on Claudia’s Top 3 albums list and it’s number 36 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time! Carole King was a Brill Building songwriter who knocked out hit after hit for Don Kirshner.  She began singing her own songs and is the prototype for the female singer songwriter! 

The classic for me is that she wrote Natural Woman.  Aretha Franklin sang the hell out that song and I doubt half the singers who sing it know who wrote it.

I never sang It’s Too Late beforebut when I saw it on today’s list of music events, I pulled out my Tapestry book and gave it a whirl.  Great song.

In June of 1971 I had just finished my freshman year of high school.  What a summer that was.  Brooklyn’s got soul.  We were at the beach — Riis Park — every day.  Playing music.  Drinking beer.

Now I sit with my wife in my backyard or at the lake. Playing music. Drinking coffee.  It’s better now.  The best.  Damn, I got it good.

Brooklyn’s Got Soul.  I like that as a song title. I think I’ll go write it.  I’ll let you know down the road how it went.