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First Time I Met the Blues

July 30, 1936 Happy Birthday Buddy Guy!

I saw Buddy Guy play with the David Letterman band last week and he was great!!!

There’s something about blues singers —  they are like fine wines that get better with age.  And they have their thing — I guess I can call it their groove and it is SO locked in.


Norman Gold, my piano teacher in my 20’s, said it was like a merry-go round that goes on and on and doesn’t stop or start. It’s a steady pace and you have to jump on and flow with it.

All great musicians have their own personality, feel and groove.  For example I once did a session with Will Lee (Letterman’s bass player) and it was a corny little jingle but he made the click (musician term for metronome) dance. His feel was so strong. I remember what he said to me.  Very funny.  He said when you’re recording, if you screw up, screw up bad so everyone will have you do it again right. Cause if you just do a tiny flub everyone might think it’s okay and then you have to live with that flub over the airwaves.

Happy Birthday Buddy Guy!

And for your birthday tribute, I’ve got First Time I Met the Blues!  I’m in L.A. today but recorded this yesterday before I left.