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Let The Good Times Roll

January 27, 1930 Happy Birthday Bobby “Blue” Bland!


The version of Let The Good Times Roll that I listen to is a Bobby Blue Bland and B.B. King duet. It don’t get better than that!

I loved this song so much we put it as the finale in our show Showdown on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Showdown just completed its 5th year on the high seas, going into its 6th. We get the audience to sing the Let it roll Let it roll Let it roll part.

This is also the perfect bar song!  The Stingers play it all the time. Nobody does this better than Chuck Stanley, although sometimes I have to reign him in cause he can stretch this song out for 15 minutes. There was this one time Chucky sang this for 5 minutes then told me to vamp, then he disappears for 3 minutes then comes back with a tray of shots that someone at the bar bought us. Now I don’t drink so Chucky had mine and his and maybe some of the others and then  started the song from scratch and went another 15 minutes.

Now I reel him in at  around 10 minutes. No more!

So, happy birthday BBB!  Letting the Good Times Roll!