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Moon River

May 27, 1962 –  Moon River (Andy Williams) from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wins the Grammy for Record of the Year.  (turns out this isn’t exactly accurate – the 1962 Grammy’s were held on May 29th.  oops – well my heart was in the right place.)

melodica solo

I love songs in 3/4.

Moon River is in 3/4.  This time signature or feel evokes something in me that other feels don’t.  I can picture where I was or imagine some fantasy place or just smile at right now.

On a more philosophical note the 3/4 represents the Trinity.

In music and in life there are always 3 rules.  I can’t remember what they are but I remember there are 3 of them.

Some country songs in 3/4 stick with me like Kenny Rogers’  Lucille.  A story song fits so well in 3/4 – John Mayer’s Daughters and Hank Williams’ Tennessee Waltz to name a couple.  Some classical pieces, also.  The 2nd movement to Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A is so freakin moving I cry when I hear it. Okay, I might not cry but I do get a little teary eyed.

I know Moon River holds a warm place in my wife Claudia’s heart cause her dad used to sing it to her when she was young.

Let me know what your favorite songs in 3/4 are.  I’m always looking for new ones.