Sweet Little Angel

August 24, 1979 B.B. King celebrated his 30th year in show business at a special celebration at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, CA.  (via on-this-day.com)

day 140

I got a sweet little angel.

I spent the day with her at the lake again swimming  and walking and eating healthy. Good time. Speaking of GOOD TIME: Elle Winter and Sam Tsui came out with the cover song Good Time on youtube today! Check it out! We had fun filming and recording it.

I always love to do a B.B. King song. There is something so great about B.B. King’s sing then riff then sing then riff style. It’s definitely a guitar thing. It doesn’t translate exactly to piano and singing blues but we piano players have our own thing. I read the B.B. King autobiography Blues All Around a couple of years ago.  Highly recommend! What a life and what a story. Long live the blues!

Got a long day tomorrow driving. Driving to Cape Cod with the Stingers, so we’re gonna do a band song in the car again. Stay tuned!

i got a sweet little angel.  i like the way she spreads her wings....

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