Summer Wind

May 16, 1966 Frank Sinatra records “Summer Wind” with Nelson Riddle.


When I was studying with Sanford Gold he went on the road and had me study with arranger Manny Albam while he was gone.

So I studied arranging and orchestrations intensely with Manny for a couple of months.  My lesson followed trumpet player John Faddis‘ lesson.  I was about 19 at the time and when our lessons overlapped I would listen these two guys talk about the music business — very enlightening and sometime disheartening —  but I remember them talking about Nelson Riddle’s arrangements and how great they were.  (btw, Nelson Riddle has a great book on arranging.)

I always think about what Manny Albam taught me.  He said, “You take care of quantity and let God take care of quality.”

When I’d come in with a completed assignment he’d say,  “Do three more.”

I’d ask “Don’t you want to see what I did?” but he’d just say, “Keep moving forward and when you get ten done we’ll look at them all.”

Great lesson.

Well, here I am, Day 40 in my projected year-long series of videos and blogs.  Keep moving forward!

Summer Wind.


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  1. Keep going Harry! I and a few others I’ve told about you are enjoying every bit of this. I’ll keep passing the word. Even my brother is checking in on your post everyday.

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