Sugar Sugar

September 15, 1969 #1 Billboard Pop Hit Sugar Sugar by the Archies! (via

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I was raised on sugar. My Uncle Bill, who lived with us growing up, was probably the greatest uncle a kid could have and oh man did he have a sweet tooth! He would have one of every kind of candy – chocolate, licorice, sweet tarts, dots, m&m plain and peanut, sour balls, gum, and as I remember that was every night in front of the TV!  No wonder my cousins and I were running around hyped up all the time!

It’s weird to think that Uncle Bill died around the same age as I am now. Knock on wood, I am eating a hell of a lot better than he did and exercising more than he did. I don’t think that everyone in the 70’s and 80’s were as heart healthy  as we all are today.

I miss ya, Uncle Bill!

I love this song Sugar Sugar!  The Stingers sometimes play this at weddings when the bride and groom cut the cake.

ps  Today is my 162nd video & blog.  I’m in the country and tonight’s song is taking a long time to upload.  I hope that at some point it will be done!

Sugar Sugar for Today in Music!

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