October 2, 1959 Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs’ Stay entered the US charts.

i have no idea what this shirt means

I can’t hear STAY without thinking of the movie Dirty Dancing which I’ve seen 20 times!

Also,  Maurice Williams wrote this song when he was only 15 years old!  How about that!

We went to see a play tonight called Fallen at the Minetta Lane.  It was interesting and dark and funny all in one and I thank Walter Milani for the tix!

I’m not much of a play guy — I like me some music in my shows — but this was worth seeing!

All right. The Yankees are tied in the 11th inning. I don’t think my heart can take sports anymore.  I end up taking it too personally — but Dylan and I are screaming here for the Yankees and eating snacks!

more tomorrow!


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