Stairway to Heaven

June 5, 2010 Led Zeppelin were officially voted the nation’s favourite band by the BBC’s ‘I’m In A Rock ‘N` Roll Band’, Zeppelin coming ahead of both The Beatles and Queen in a phone-in vote. (via


Without a doubt, Robert Plant’s got the best rock ‘n roll voice.

It’s funny though, how Led Zeppelin toured with this band SPIRIT and they have a song called Taurus which has the exact intro as Stairway to Heaven….(hmmm……you can check out a clip of Taurus here  (check about 45 seconds in – I mean, come on!)

And also—- my good friend Jake Holmes wrote Dazed and Confused years before Zeppelin recorded it.  Really!! Jake got a settlement from them.

As a songwriter, I’m lucky to have Claudia as my watchdog. I’ll spend hours working on a new track and then I’ll rough out a melody and I’ll walk around thinking, ” Damn this is good.” Then Claudia will listen and say, “Hey, isn’t that I’ll Be from Edwin McCain?” or “Isn’t that Proud Mary?” and I’ll have to say, “Damn, she’s right again.”

I love what Duke Ellington said when asked what’s your favorite song of yours.  He responded, “My next one.”

Anyway, borrowings aside, I still love Zep!


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