Stagger Lee

August 9, 1959 Lloyd Price’s Stagger Lee hits #1!

Dylan's 7th birthday @ Chelsea Piers many moons ago

Good to see a blues song hit #1!  It should happen more often!

Well, I sang about forty or fifty songs last night. Had a ball except now my throat feels like a dusty desert and I have to bring this dusty voice out again tonight to Scarsdale.  Got the Stingers playing at a BBQ at Saxon Grill!  There will be about 300 people drinking and partying and dancing their faces off.  My kind of party!

I was glad to sing Stagger Lee with my hoarse voice today. Very fitting!

Gotta send the big shout out to my son Dylan for his birthday today! He has grown into a fine, talented man and is one of my best friends!  August 9th! What a great day.

Happy birthday, son!


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