Sonata Pathetique (2nd Movement)

December 16, 1770 Happy Birthday Ludwig van Beethoven!

day 253

I played my own version of Pathetique (2nd movement) for LvB’s birthday….

So I’m sitting here with Ludwig and he says, “That’s not how I wrote it,” and I say, “Hey, but that’s how I hear it.”  

He says, “Well, you could have played all the notes I wrote,” and I say, “Hey, lighten up B. I just added a few you didn’t write.”

So he tells me I got a bad attitude and I say, “What’s with with the funky hair?”

He says, “Mind your own business, and I say, “Oh who’s got a bad attitude now?”

He thinks about it a minute and says “I did like the drums!”

I say, “Now, you’re talking. How about my string part?”

He tells me I should study more Bach.

He’s right!

Although I’ve studied classical music all my life I could never really play classical piano or perform it.  I just studied it to be a better musician.

I LOVE Beethoven. He plays the piano with- how can i say it – Big Balls!

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