Sloop John B

July 12, 1965  the Beach Boys were recording Sloop John B.


Today I did a gig in midtown for a great organization SUS – Services for the Underserved.

I play for a lot of non-profits and a lot of different organizations, but this one is tops in my book with such love and camaraderie. They performed skits about each other and it was hysterical – all in good fun and no one was offended (I think!) but anyway I played piano for all the skits and  sang a bunch of songs.

Everyone sang along but when I started playing my Caribbean medleys and some reggae the audience went wild.  They knew every word and danced in the aisles.  I have to give props to my early teachers like Norman Gold who told me, “To get gigs, it’s not how great you play but how many songs you know and to know how to play the right song at the right time.”

That is  something I always think about.

Who is my audience and what can I play to make them happy?

Well, today it was the island music and this song by the Beach Boys was taken from an old West Indies song, so I’m keeping the theme all day.

Love this song!


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