Since I Fell For You

May 15, 1938 singer Lenny Welch born  (via  But wikipedia said:  He was born in New York City on May 31, 1938 (according to a post he made on his Facebook Page, May 15 is incorrect).  Either way, Happy Birthday!

mother's day roses

I always love playing for someone who has a hit song, because you know when you play it, the audience knows every word and sings along.  I played for Lenny Welch in the Sweetwater days and sure enough when we got to Since I Fell for You all the girls were screaming and singing every word.

How the hell do audiences know all the words?  My memory stinks.  I can remember a line here, a verse there.  I was at a Springsteen concert and this guy next to me sang every word and sang every word out of tune.  (I wanted to say SHUT UP!) Or how bout that lady sittin next to you in church with the high opera soprano voice drowning out the fabulous choir (SHUT UP!)

I should talk.  Today Claudia and I were in the gym on the stationary bikes and I’m blasting my music in my headphones and I guess I was singing along cause this lady 2 bikes down kept throwing dagger stares at me.  You know she was thinking SHUT UP!

Well, before I do.  Here’s Since I Fell for You.




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