Sin Sin (original)

week five

Sin Sin (lyrics by Claudia Brevis, music by Skip Brevis & Claudia Brevis, 2011) is a song we wrote for a placement in a teen horror movie.  We did a great recording of it at the time with CE Smith singing it!  It didn’t get picked up but I’m thinking it sounds like it would be good for the HBO series True Blood. I’ll have to get it submitted for that. I like playing this one live with my band — it has a nice swampy feel with slide guitar and fiddle.  Lots of fun.

Well today is Mother’s Day and i’m thankful and happy to say I’ve got my 90 year old mom here with us to celebrate. We went out to Pete’s Tavern for brunch with my mom and in-laws and Dylan. My other son Casey is in China gigging. We spoke to him this morning and he told us he ate scorpion on a stick last night and his friend ate fried tarantula.

We had spaghetti.

The Stingers are gigging  Tuesday night (5/14) at the Red Lion.  May 14 also happens to be Casey’s birthday and he’ll be in Singapore so we’ll miss being with him!  Come on out and we’ll celebrate in his absence!

I’ve been working all week with justjohn mixing and finishing up this Willie & the Swagga album.  Getting closer and having a ball doing it!

And, I also wanted to let you all know that our buddy Sam Tsui released his album yesterday.  Go check it out.  Here’s the first video from it.

i’m off to watch some Game of Thrones!

see you next week.  Sin Sin coming right up.  It might take a few more minutes to finish uploading, so if you get here before it’s done, please come back!


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