Silent Night

December 24, 1818: Germany’s Franz Gruber composes a melody to words written by Austrian priest Josef Mohr, creating the standard Silent Night. The song is debuted tonight at Midnight Mass in Gruber’s hometown of Obendorf. (via

christmas eve 1990

Christmas Eve was a great tradition for us. Our family house on East 19th street in Brooklyn was the xmas hub where all friends and family came. It was a 13 room house so we could fit everyone. All my cousins would sleep over and my friends and I would put on these nightgowns and we would have a puba party.  I’m not sure where that name came from. We would put on an old Ace Cannon record and dance around. Then before the young ones went to sleep we would sing Christmas carols around the piano.

In the morning we all had to get up so damn early and wait on the steps until my Uncle John got the video ready. Then mayhem would erupt as 15 kids ripped through presents. Now this was tradition when I was a kid and stayed true through my kids and my cousins’ kids childhood!

Pretty special memories!

Merry Christmas.

Silent Night.

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