She Believes in Me

August 21, 1938 Happy Birthday Kenny Rogers!

day 137

She Believes in Me is one of my 2 favorite Kenny Rogers songs. The other one is Lucille which I’ve already done.

I worked with two great singing, dancing sisters in the Sweetwater days –  Terry Burrell and Debbie Burrell, both super talented – they were in Dreamgirls and a ton of other shows, but they each did their own act at Sweetwaters, and Debbie Burrell put a sweet spin on She Believes in Me.

She talked about coming home to her daughter, who was very young at the time, after a gig and she’d sit down at the bed and sing to her.  And how it with it being rough in this music business it was important to know she believes in me, meaning her daughter!

As a musician with some great successes and some pretty big flops, thank God I have Claudia to share it all with.  What good is having great things happen if you don’t have someone to bring them home too? We have laughed through some big let downs also.

And even though I drive her crazy…


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