Shake, Rattle and Roll

November 24, 1985 Big Joe Turner dies in California.

ironing board

I never got to play for Big Joe Turner but I have always used the chorus of his Shake, Rattle and Roll somewhere in my night’s set list. Not until today did i ever know the words to the verse. It’s a liitle cold him singing about his woman shake rattling and rollin’, how he can’t believe all a that stuff is hers!  I thought we were all shake rattling and rolling.  Dancing or something.  Oh well!

I’m in a hotel room in Fairfax, Virginia with Claudia and Casey. We’re going to Casey’s Chanticleer concert tonight at George Mason University.

Being in this neighborhood reminds me of my childhood with my Uncle Tom and Aunt Agnes and my cousins.  They lived nearby here in Vienna, Virginia and I spent so much time with them  They were great. I miss them.

Can’t wait to hear my son sing tonight!!!!  Claudia and I will shake rattle and roll ourselves over to the concert hall.

more tomorrow

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