See See Rider

March 10, 1988 LaVern Baker dies.


See See Rider is another good classic blues tune!  LaVern Baker recorded it in 1962 and I’m singing it today in her memory!

I’m exhausted from driving to Philly yesterday – not that Philly is so far but we were running late for the gig and i was writing charts for Bobby Rydell in the backseat of my van. Carla was driving and Dylan was riding shotgun with directions. They kept updating me that no worries, we were 15 minutes away, 10 minutes, 7 minutes. Soundcheck had just started without us and I’m freaking.

Dylan says there’s the Hyatt, no problem. We park the car in the garage and hightail it to the main ballroom. When we get in there the ballroom sign says Happy Birthday Tommy.  I’m all, oh hell, wrong freakin Hyatt!

I run get the car out of the garage  — I was in there 10 minutes and they charged me 16 dollars! I was going to bitch but there wasn’t time!

20 minutes later we reach the correct Hyatt and nobody realized we were late except my band but they work for me so that’s fine.

I’m exhausted just tellin the story.

See See Rider.




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