Save the Last Dance for Me

May 19, 1960 The Drifters record Save the Last Dance for Me.

dance move

There are some songs that when I sing the lyrics I’m wondering, “WTF!”  For example, in Save the Last Dance for Me the guy is saying, I don’t care if you dance and have fun with other dudes but remember you’re coming home with me. Uhm. What if she doesn’t remember and goes home with someone else? First of all I would never let my girl dance with another dude.  Not for nothing – I don’t want some sleazy guy drooling all over my girl.

Another song that I always wonder about is Tennessee Waltz. (I’m gonna have to do that song some day when it fits into music history) That song says I introduced my girl to my old friend and while they were dancing my friend stole my girl from me.

Now why would you let your friend dance with your girl in the first place?  Why would he even ask?


She’s saving every dance for me.


2 thoughts on “Save the Last Dance for Me

  1. LOL. You’re too funny. But you are right. Half the music I listen to I don’t understand the lyrics either. I can kinda understand someone letting their girlfriend/boyfriend dance with their friend. Like say if your in a wedding and your dancing with everybody pretty much. But some people just trust their partner and it’s all about trust right?

    Explain to me why some women or even men feel the need to still go to clubs after they have a relationship? I would suppose to dance with someone also but doesn’t mean they going to their house with them. They just wanna dance the night away. I personally don’t like clubs so I probably will never understand that. 😀

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