Saturday In The Park

December 13, 1975 Chicago’s LP Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits hits #1!

day 250

What usually happens during the holiday rush, working every morning and every night, I get a bit run down and then get sick.  Well, we’ve been drinking green smoothies every morning for more than a year – every morning and we haven’t missed a day and this year, (i attribute it to the green smoothies) I haven’t gotten sick, but my voice is very very tired…

So, today’s video is an instrumental to conserve energy!

Love the song Saturday in the Park and love Chicago.  We did this song in our MMRF Clive Davis tribute last fall (the fierce Colin Smith sang lead and rocked it!) and the crowd reaction on hearing the opening chords was amazing, (everyone loves Saturday in the Park) so I’m glad to bring it out for today in music.

Here ya go.  More tomorrow!


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