Ruby Tuesday

February 21, 1967 The Rolling Stones’ Ruby Tuesday enters the charts.

day 320

I performed Ruby Tuesday in a talent show in 8th grade with a guitar player friend. We  lost.

I love how raw the Stones are. Good old sloppy rock n roll.  I like it!

All right. I’ve still been having a little issue with my voice and I read that Beyonce uses this Chinese herbal stuff called loquat syrup. So i went to the Chinese doctor/storefront herbal place and the first thing he made me do is take off my sneaker and he grabbed my foot and pressed his thumb into some place that hurt like hell and asked, “This hurt?” and i said, “Uh yeah.”

Then he squeezed some spot in my hand. Same thing.  Yeah, it hurt. Then he asked my date of birth and he looked it up in the ancient Chinese scrolls and told me i’m a mountain man that doesn’t need to drink as much water as i do, and that mountain men’s main organ is their stomach and that the problem with my sore throat is my liver overheats and that’s why my throat is always dry.

So I got some tar balls for my throat, some caterpillar fungus for my kidneys and 8 little ballbearings to take twice a day & $250 later, even though Claudia almost had a heart attack since I went in there for a $20 dollar syrup and spent $250 in cash,

I think i feel better!  Go figure!

more tomorrow!

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