Roll Over Beethoven

October 8, 1987 Chuck Berry was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

day 185

It just so happens I heard my friends play Roll Over Beethoven last night, so it was cool to have a reason to play it today.

I love this song and I also love Beethoven.

One day I’ll get my classical chops back and play the Pathetique Sonata.  In my younger days I nailed it. My early classical teacher would have a heart attack to hear how sloppy I play now. But I’m not doing the recital circuit, so I like to just close my eyes and play.

Today we recorded Sam Tsui and Elle Winter on a new mashup.  Sam produced the track and did a great job. We’ll film the video on Wednesday!

The Yankees are losing right now, so I have to go and pray!

Rock on, Chuck Berry!

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