Rock Around the Clock

May 20, 1954 Bill Haley & His Comets release Rock Around the Clock!

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In the summer of ’97 Lesley Gore and I wrote a musical called It’s My Party, named after her iconic hit song.

We asked good friend Marty Richards to produce and he gave us seed money to develop it. It was a rocking story and Lesley would cameo all her hits throughout the show. We had planned it as a vehicle for well known 60’s artists (like Chubby Checker, Lou Christie, Darlene Love, etc) to be able to step in and insert their hits.

The cast was incredible – Maria Christesen, Enga Davis, Carmine Alers,  George Morton, Ty Stephens.. It had to be shelved, ultimately, for financial issues. It was a great summer as we rehearsed at the Cherry Lane Theater. Dylan and Casey who were just kids then didn’t go to camp that summer.  Instead they came to rehearsal every day and learned every line in the show.  Great times.

A couple of years ago I found some video of one of our audience-invited rehearsals.  You can see it HERE!

I’m still good friends with Lesley and we live a few blocks away from each other.  She’s a great lady and great singer/writer.

Oh yeah, we opened It’s My Party with Rock Around the Clock!

4 thoughts on “Rock Around the Clock

  1. Leslie Gore is a local hero here on the other side of the Hudson as she grew up in Tenafly and they’re very proud of that fact in Bergen County. Now Carmine Alers and I performed in a show together in the Bronx where we both grew up back in the 80s! Of course, she was but a child then. Love her always! Keep your posts coming!

  2. Nice rendition! Out of curiousity, I went to You Tube and scared up a couple of clips of Bill Haley and the Comets performing the song. Rather to my surprise, the band included a couple of instruments I wouldn’t have expected, along with the ones I did expect. The basic lineup included Bill Haley singing and playing guitar plus electric guitar, tenor sax, bass and drums, all identifiable by anyone familiar with the record. But additionally there was a lap steel player, and an accordionist(!) It would be interesting sometime to get a broader view of Bill Haley’s repertoire, and how these instruments might have been incorporated into what is, after all, the granddaddy of all rock ‘n’ roll bands.

    • Now I have to go back and re-listen to all that, too. thanks for checking it out. it’s funny i’ve been wanting to add accordion to my own tracks but I don’t know how to push the buttons. 🙂

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