April 29, 1967 Aretha Franklin releases her interpretation of the Otis Redding song “Respect.” via

#23 done!

I have a love / hate relationship with the song Respect.  On the one hand it’s one of my favorite songs of all time.  But on the other, it’s the song I was listening to as I was skiing down the slopes in the Poconos thinking, this is great, just as I fly ten feet in the air.  The next thing I know the ski patrol is jetskiing snowmobiling (thanks, Dylan for the correction) down the hill with me in tow on a stretcher (torn acl and miniscus)  — surgery, two weeks in bed–needless to say, that was my last time skiing.  In retrospect, maybe blasting RESPECT in my headphones wasn’t the best idea @ 50 mph on skis.  Live and learn.  So, when I hear this song i always think of my last time skiing.

All right! Here’s  a partial list of great singers I’ve played RESPECT for –

Peggi Blu, Alyson Williams, Roz Brown, Perrita Kitson, Gina Taylor, Roz Morehead, Valarie Pettiford, Branice McKenzie, Linda Hopkins, Carol Woods, Lillias White, Dachone Rucker, Ramona Keller, Alison Williams Foster, Carla Scott, a couple casts of Showdown, and all the girls in a million casts of  Beehive!

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