Reach Out I’ll Be There

September 3, 1966 The Four Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There enters the charts

day #150

My favorite version of this song is sung by another one of my favorite singers Michael McDonald.

And as Stevie Wonder said of Michael McDonald, “He’s got that thang in his voice!” That thang is soul.

I’ve worked with Michael and he is a great guy and a natural talent. I had the honor of doing 3 pianos with myself, Stevie and Michael. We were supposed to be playing all Stevie songs when Stevie stopped the show and started playing Michael’s Takin’ it to the Streets. Pretty amazing.

Michael did 2 albums of Motown songs which I use as a reference for hip motown arrangements  and blue eyed soul singing.

OK. Summer’s over.  It was a rainy Labor Day. We didn’t get to swim but went to lunch and relaxed.  Claudia and her dad fed watermelon to a family of deer at our front door.

Back in the city now! Tomorrow I’m going to clean my work area and get recording my vocals on Claudia’s and my original stuff. I figure if I write that I’m going to clean, then I will. So remember I said I’m going to clean, damnit.

Here’s my version of Reach Out I’ll Be There.  More tomorrow.  🙂

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