Ramblin’ Man

December 7, 1947 Happy Birthday Greg Allman!

day 244

The Allman Brothers were the 1st blues I fell in love with.  When I got older I realized that the blues have a much deeper history and I studied where they came from, but as a young teen this was the blues i played and listened to.

Greg Allman always played the B3 organ which was my love although i never owned a B3. I played my old Farfisa organ through a Leslie (which is a huge wooden organ amp, for those not familiar) and it weighed around 200 pounds.  It needed 2 or 3 guys and a good dolly to carry around. My buddy Craig Dreyer (check out his studio, Mighty Toad, in Brooklyn) still schleps one around with him and it sounds great!

Well tonight I gigged at the Maritime College with their choir and orchestra and the kids sounded fierce!  Love going to their campus in Throgs Neck, right on the water under the bridge.  It’s one of my favorite views.

Tomorrow is a day off. Thank god. I am going relax and watch some t.v. and nap!

Today was Pearl Harbor day, so here’s a shout out to all veterans of WWII, like my mom!

And it’s Greg Allman’s birthday.

Here’s Ramblin’ Man for today in music!  more tomorrow.



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