Que Sera Sera

August 5 1956, Doris Day was at #1 on the UK singles chart with Que Sera Sera!

thanks, John!

First of all I want to thank my cousin Janice and her husband John for the shirts to keep up with my goal of a new song and different shirt every day for a year.  Oh brother!

Another shout out to my niece Gaby in California on her birthday today. Damn, it seems like yesterday when you were born!

Well, the version of Que Sera Sera I’m singing today is not Doris Day’s version but Sly and the Family Stone’s version  – one of my favorite covers.

It’s so funny that I sing this song today after being in L.A. involved with a singing competition show and involved with parents and pressure and all the stress that goes with competing. And as I write this I’m watching the Olympics and I feel so proud for the winners and as a parent I feel for the ones that don’t medal.

I remember when Casey was 8 or 9 he was in love with horseback riding. We would go over to Claremont Stables on the west side and he took lessons with Maggie. Casey loved Maggie! And then there were the horse shows and Casey would get so nervous beforehand. And of course I always had a way of loosening him up and it came from that movie about camp, MEATBALLS, with Bill Murray where in the final contest or color war Bill Murray gives the pep talk and chants, “IT JUST DOESNT MATTER. IT JUST DOESNT MATTER.IT JUST DOESNT MATTER.”

So I would chant this to Casey in the car on the way to the horse shows and it would make him laugh. But to him every performance mattered. It’s so nice to see he grew into the most relaxed performer I know.

Now my mom Joan never pressured me on any of my performances or studies. She was totally from the Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be) mentality. She was just concerned that we wore clean underwear.

Que sera sera!


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