Pride and Joy

June 13, 1983 Epic Records released Stevie Ray Vaughan’s debut album Texas Flood.

day 68

Wikipedia says this Stevie Ray Vaughan album was done in three days and that the first day was just setting up. So they recorded it in two days.

Yeesh. Claudia and I have been working on our album for four months and it probably won’t be finished till the end of the summer. But it’s fun, so what the hell.  And there is different vibe doing a straight up blues album. You just close your eyes and play. When you start overdubbing and putting choirs on stuff and laying 8 layers of various guitars on songs, it takes a minute.

I’ve been singing Pride and Joy for years, so when I saw that today was the Texas Flood album debut I said, “Hell, yeah.”

I’ve mentioned it before but over at Terra Blues there are some unbelievable blues guitarists. I love to stop in and check them out.  My playlists on my iPhone are filled with Stevie Ray, BB King, Eric Clapton and Muddy waters.

In another life I wanna be a blues guitarist.

3 thoughts on “Pride and Joy

  1. Hi Skip,
    fun that you played a blues song the same day I went to TerraBlues. Speaking of Clapton, could you play Change the world soon? 🙂

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