Precious Lord

January 13, 1957 Elvis Presley was recording Take My Hand, Precious Lord

day 281

Take My Hand Precious Lord has been covered by every gospel singer.  When i played with Linda Hopkins it was the first time I ever played it or heard it, so Linda told me to play Amazing Grace and that Precious Lord would work over it and I did and it does!

Thomas A. Dorsey, the writer of this song, tells a great story of how it came to him after everything in his life fell apart and he just started singing it. It’s in the documentary Say Amen, Somebody.

Well, we are back in the city.  We drove for an hour in heavy fog in the mountains.  I could only see about 4 feet in front of the car.  Claudia was a little nervous so I got her a big wild cherry lollipop for the ride home and she relaxed a little. All right, I had a lollipop too. It was a strawberry-banana and yes, after I finished mine I finished Claudia’s cause she was going too slow with hers!

Take My Hand, Precious Lord.

more tomorrow!

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