Paint It, Black

March 6, 1966: The Rolling Stones are recording Paint It, Black.

day 333

Just getting in from a gig.  Did a stripped down Skip Brevis Band cause there was supposed to be a storm tonight and I didn’t want my singers coming out in the snow, but the weather was ok and I ended up having some good friends – Tommy Renino on harmonica and Ivan Bodley on bass stop by and sit in.  Thanks so much.

A thanks to all who came down! I stuck around at the Red Lion to play a couple tunes with Alvin Moody and Ms. Roz Brown – always a pleasure.

Anyway, another Rolling Stones day.  It seems that just about every other day they were recording something.  Living in the studio.  Great life!

But one thing i never knew that there was a comma in the title Paint It, Black.  Go figure!

more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Paint It, Black

  1. It was great hearing your original songs! Would love to jam with you sometime (I’m a jazz cat). Catch you again soon, hopefully Chris will be free too.

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