Leap of Faith (original)


I wrote this song years ago — it was a fluffy love song at the time with some meaningless words as a placeholder for my melody  which i liked, and I had all intention of coming back to it to clean up the lyric.

But that might have taken me another 3 months so once again I turned to my prolific wife Claudia and 2 hours later she delivered this great lyric.

I was at the doctor’s today for a checkup and these days i have Claudia come with me into the exam room and the office just in case the doc asks a hard question (actually any question) or starts talking medical mumbo jumbo talk.  Claudia introduced herself as my wingman and that she is!

The only thing i remember from my doc visit today is that I gained 8 pounds and  that bummed me out until Claudia told me the scale must have been messed up. Now that’s a good wingman!

I’m a couple days late this week with my blog.  I know you are all so upset!!!  We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania swimming, going to the movies, eating a LOT, hanging with family and finding baby deer and wild turkeys in the woods — all this without a laptop, so the blog had to wait!

more next week and Happy July 4th!

Let It Go (original)

A few years ago Claudia and I were asked to submit a song for I think it was a Revlon commercial.  We didn’t get the gig but this song, Let It Go, developed out of the little jingle/songlet we wrote for that submission.

I forgot how much I really like this tune and how much I like to sing it myself.  We’d recorded a version of it originally with the fabulous Ms. Sophie Buskin!  I think I’ll resurrect this one and play it at tomorrow’s (June 24th) Songwriters Circle that I’m hosting at the Red Lion.  Lots of great talent coming down (in fact I believe that Sophie’s fabulous dad David Buskin is on the bill) for this SGA circle we do every last Monday of the month.

AND by the way, tomorrow is Claudia and my 29th wedding anniversary which we will be celebrating at the Red Lion with her parents and my mother and Dylan we probably be gigging there so he’ll join us and we’ll probably go all out and have fries instead of a salad with our veggie wraps in honor of the day.  Okay, so this year is a low key anniversary, but just you wait until our 30th!!  Cooking up something big.

ps.  Ok.  So. I thought i’d leave Claudia to her writing and record this myself and somehow this video is upside down.  (anyone out there know how to flip a video on vimeo?) LOL  oh well!  more next week.  hopefully rightside up!

Hey Justine (original)

Hey Justine (Skip Brevis, 2005)

monday night

Happy Fathers Day to me and all my fellow dads!

A bunch of years ago I was in line with Claudia at the supermarket reading all the crappy magazines at the counter (it’s the only time i read them, i swear) — reading about all the celebrities and their bullshit and who’s doing who and who wore what and who’s fat and who’s skinny and who gives a shit, and then that night we went to my son’s friend’s house for a dinner party with parents from his school.  His friend’s mom was named Justine and I had a conversation with her husband and he told me stories of following the Grateful Dead around in his younger days ( I was never a deadhead but did like them and had lots of friends who were devout deadheads) so when I went home I listened to a lot of Grateful Dead which reminded me of the other groups i listened to in my youth and I went thru Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane and Little Feet and then i went to bed!

The next morning i got up and wrote Hey Justine using these elements:

1. Celebrity magazine

2. Justine

3. Grateful dead groove and style

Justine is a cool name!

Hey, if you’re around Monday night – 6/17 — tomorrow night, i’m running another Piano Clinic at Ripley Grier.  7pm so come on down for tips and tricks of the trade.

ps Let me know if you like this new angle for my video.  Featuring the big left hand.  🙂

more next week.

The Rain Does Pour (original)

a rock opera

A couple of years ago we brought our rock opera Winner Take All to FringeNYC and had a ball doing it.  The show itself though had begun twenty years earlier in the west side club Sweetwater’s, but after about six weeks there, it lay pretty well dormant until a couple of readings and then the Fringe in 2011.

This song, The Rain Does Pour (Brevis & Brevis, a long time ago) is from Winner Take All (A Rock Opera).    Here’s the setup:  Ricky, a rock and roll guitar player and one half of a star crossed young couple, is killed and goes to Rock and Roll Heaven.  While he’s off having a crazy time with a couple of dancing angels and some hotsy totsy devilettes, his girlfriend Casey is back on earth, feeling guilty for his death and, alone in her room she sings about him.

Check out the website and if you’re interested in seeing more of this show or reading a script or hearing the music or are interested in opening your theater to it, I’ll put you in touch with our agent at Paradigm.

more next week…..