Open Up the Doghouse

June 7, 1917 Happy Birthday Dean Martin!

rat pack

This was fun to do in my backyard with my buddy John Malino.

John just finished his new album Live at Feinstein’s. I’ll post some of his songs when it’s released – I’m playing on one track. It really came out great. You never know when you’re playing live shows. The nights you think you really played great, suck- and the nights you think sucked turn out to be pretty damn good. Go figure.

We had to do this song in the backyard today because Joe Reina was tuning my piano in the house. He spent hours tuning cause I always wait too long and it needed to be done twice.  Thank you Joe for doing a great job, and thank you all the people who have to listen to me sing and play in the backyard. Actually, after John and I finished this song we heard some applause from neighboring yards. It’s good to know we have a following.

Now, after 28 years of marriage there are countless times where I have been in the doghouse. But there’s no need to go there. No need to remind Claudia of any of that.  LOL

Anyway, it was fun singing with John, my Rat Pack.

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