One Love / People Get Ready

February 6, 1945 Happy Birthday Bob Marley!


One Love and People Get Ready are 2 songs I’ve always loved and never knew until recently that Bob Marley combined them.

He changes the original lyrics from People Get Ready but it’s a great marriage of tunes. I listen to Eva Cassidy singing People Get Ready all the time. She is a master class in reworking a melody.

Well, today I got up too damn early cause my brain was busy with the Bernstein lectures I mentioned yesterday and then I found a related book – Human Personality by F.W.H. Myers, and he talks about the genius mind and I read so much of it my brain started to hurt and had to go back to bed for a few hours. I can only take so much education before i shut down.

So I decided to watch some really bad TV to dumb down a little and now I’m back to normal!

One Love by Bob Marley was also the theme song for the Jamaica commercial and it’s a great sing-along in the bars.

Happy Birthday Mr. Marley!

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