On The Sunny Side Of The Street

February 28, 1930 Ted Lewis is recording On the Sunny Side of the Street!

day 327

All right, I just cleaned the kitchen, recorded this song, tried to find Dylan’s keys for this house and was getting frantic about packing for the Poconos and Claudia just said let’s not go and I said thank god!  Not that I don’t want to be in the Poconos but sometimes getting out of the house is too much. I’m getting too old to just pick up and go, so here i sit, very comfortable on my couch!

I use On The Sunny Side of the Street in my jazz repertoire but the original melody has a lot of notes and now I’m getting too old to sing a lot of notes so I reduced  the melody a little so as to not tax my brain.

Cause I’m getting too old to tax my brain, cause if i tax my brain i have to nap.

Good night!

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