On The Road Again

November 8, 1980 Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again hits the top spot on the Billboard country singles chart!

day 215

About 3 years ago I was musical director for the TJ Martell Gala and we had Willie Nelson on the bill and downstairs on 44th street, parked next to the hotel was the infamous Willie Nelson tour bus!  I was so busy that afternoon with rehearsals that I never got a chance to go downstairs and check it out!  I heard from others that it lived up to its reputation!  Oh well it was a pleasure just to be on stage with him. He’s such a nice guy.

I took a cab today into Brooklyn because I didn’t have any gas in the car, so I asked the cab driver where to get gas and he told me to go onto the other side of the Holland tunnel. No lines! So Claudia and Carly and I took a ride to Jersey and no wait, filled the car, and damn that felt good!

And now I’m on the road again, with a full tank!

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